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Unexpected Inspiration: Construction Hoarding Makeover

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Commercial districts have shown great resilience and creativity in response to the challenges of COVID-19. The Downtown Hamilton Business Improvement Area has been a tremendous support for the businesses and community of Hamilton's town core, and Morse & Associates is proud to support the BIA.

Although foot traffic has temporarily declined, construction and renovations projects continue. Construction hoarding, while necessarily, is typically drab and unattractive. The BIA reached out to Morse & Associates to help conceptualize, strategize, and execute the transformation of public walkway alongside a building site in the heart of the core, with the hope to add some positivity and brightness to the presentation.

The sidewalk runs almost 150 feet between a busy office building and a temporary plywood wall, with lamps providing some light under a plywood ceiling.

A horizontal band of graphics was proposed by Morse & Associates. Eighteen 4’ x 8’ durable aluminum panels would be printed and laminated. Arranged lengthwise, the panels would stay well away from the light fixtures and uneven ceiling supports.

With some guidance and much encouragement, Emily from the BIA produced a stunning design that blended wayfinding, inspiration, and historical elements into a bold and bright design to contrast with the surroundings.

To truly refresh the space, our install crew painted the plywood before mounting the graphic panels.

The makeover is a tremendous success. The BIA added light and colour where it was sorely needed in an efficient manner with a production method and process that offered excellent value.

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