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Planning a Town Hall Sign

Having a role in planning a client’s project is a welcome responsibility. The Town of Pelham enlisted Morse & Associates after they had been working on their renovation and addition for many months. Decisions regarding signage remained as construction was set to wrap up.

While the purpose and location of the main building sign was known, the sign size, shape, and finish was not yet clear.

A quick review of example photos and rough pricing led to acceptance of our recommendation for flat cut brushed aluminum letters.

Morse & Associates provided a selection of type fonts in timeless styles for the client to choose from. Having outside guidance on something as simple but important as a font choice made it much easier for the project team to decide.

Next came the actual building title. The final wording was only arrived at following a number of photo mockups showing how various options would look on the building. Again this provided a visual the client could not easily generate on their own. Morse & Associates understands the value of a decent photo mockup, and is happy to provide as many as it takes.

A similar process was followed for several wayfinding signs to be placed in and around the building entrance.

The final approved signage package resulted from a collaborative process. The project was moved into production and installed within two weeks. The project team was able to move forward confident they made informed decisions on signage for their prominent municipal building.


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