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Burlington City Hall Renovation

A major renovation of Burlington City Hall was undertaken with Morse & Associates as part of the project team. The ground floor lobby, customer service counters, meeting rooms, and staff offices have been significantly updated. Our team had the privilege of providing signage to complement the newly elevated design standard.

Ceiling mounted signs above the service counters were fitted with a welded tube frame as they ran up to five metres wide. These were then fully enclosed before adding laser cut acrylic lettering. Morse & Associates developed this custom application in consultation with the client, which included shop drawings and fabricated prototypes. Additional wayfinding signs painted to match were mounted to the walls and ceiling covering the lobby.

Room ID signs mounted outside offices and meeting rooms were made from non-glare clear acrylic, reverse painted in two colours. Tactile lettering and braille were added to each sign face

The redesigned Locust Street entrance features brushed aluminum lettering placed prominently on the canopy face.

Morse & Associates is grateful for the opportunity to provide comprehensive supply and installation services for such a high profile public institution. Many thanks to the City of Burlington, +VG Architects, and Govan Brown & Associates for inviting our team to work with them.


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